Contact form 7 constant Contact integration

Contact form 7 constant Contact integration is a plugin through which form submission is done from many popular contact form to Constant Contact when a contact form is submitted by others on your site.

Basic features of this plugin:  There are some unique features of this plugin.

  1. There are 20+ premium add-ons.
  2. All contact form is constant contact fields.
  3. The form is submitted by a visitor’s Google Analytics parameters and A Geolocation.
  4. Supports all type email lookup APIs.
  5. It allows sending contact data collected through contact forms to constant contact API.
  6. Creating a reliable email subscription is very easy.

Requirements for setting this plugin:

  • Contact form 7
  • Constant contact user account
  • API key

How to set up Contact form 7 constant Contact integration: There are a few steps that have to follow to set up Contact form 7 Constant Contact integration. These are as follows-

  1. Connecting to API: To start using the API from your WordPress website, at first you have to add a new account in “Constant Contact Accounts” by registering an application to get an API key.  Then save to redirect the detailed page.
  2. Then a news feed has to create in the “Constant Contact Feeds” option.
  3. Mapping is required for constant contact fields to Contact Form 7.  
  4. Then the test entry has to send to Constant Contact. This process is done by clicking “Send to constant contact”
  5. Then the previously sent entry have to verify. For that, you have to go to “Constant Contact Logs”.

The basic set up mainly includes:  Contact> Integration Menu Page in the WordPress> Connect to the Constant Contact API. Then the authorization process will start.

If this basic set up is done properly then you will be redirected to Constant Contact login page. In that page, you have to register by accessing your Constant Contact Account.

How to connect with contact account:   One can simply connect the constant contact account to contact form 7 by adding Constant Contact Access token. The most useful thing for any user is that you can easily connect multiple contact accounts to contact form 7.

Contact properties name-based mapping by Contact form 7 is done to determine the correspondence between the input field and contact property.

Filtration has to do based on User input for contact form 7 submissions to Constant Contact.

Manually WPCF7 entries have to send to Constant Contact.

Then have to view or check if a detailed log of each contact form 7 submission is sent or not.

Then send each separate contact to Contact form 7 as Constant Contact.

How does constant contact integrate with WordPress: At first logging into Word press click on Dashboard> Plugins> Add New> Search for Constant Contact> click install now> Active. Then connect your account by entering Constant Contact login Information.

Why use this plugin:  

By using this plugin you will be able to send contact form submissions to other systems including Constant contact that’s not provided by contact form 7. This plugin properly utilizes the Constant contact V3 API.

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