Contact form 7 Database addons

Contact form 7 is a widely used plug-in that is used for the contact form. Usually, there is no database option in the contact form plugin. If ever someone sends messages from the website, then we can know about it by email and if sometimes we need to find some messages we have to find it form the email. But the contact form 7 database addon will help us to find it easily from the database. It will save the information and you can get it easily.

There are lots of contact form 7 database add-ons available and you can use which one like. Below is some database add-on for your consideration.

CFDB7 – Contact Form 7 Database Addon:

CFDB7 is one of the most popular database add-ons for WPCF7. It has been downloaded more than two hundred thousand times. This plugin needs PHP version 5.3 or higher and minimum WordPress version 4.8 also the version is compatible with the latest WordPress version.


CFDB7 store all the submissions of the contact form in a database and you can export all the database information in a CSV file. It is very simple to use. After installing the plugin it will automatically start to save the information.

Features of CFDB7:

  1. Do not need any configuration.
  2. Use a single database table.
  3. Automatically save CF7 submitted data.
  4. Lightweight and developer friendly.
  5. Show all form list.
  6. Export to CSV file.

To install this plugin go to the Plugins menu from the dashboard and click add new and then write CFDB7 in the search box. The plugin will create a new menu named contact forms. You will find all the saved information by clicking the contact forms menu.

contact form 7 database

The above screenshot shows how the information will look after someone submitted the message through contact form 7.


CFDB+ Contact Form 7 Database:

CFDB+ is another database plugin for CF7. It has 1k+ active installation. This plugin requires PHP version 5.4.45 or higher and 4.0 or higher WordPress version.

Write CFDB+ in the plugin search box to install the plugin and it will appear. After installing it will automatically start to capture the form submitted information. There are lots of export option available such as CSV, XLSX, Google spreadsheet, HTML, JSON, OpenDocument etc.

After installation, you will get a new menu on the administration menu area name contactic. Under the submenu area, you will get

  • Overview
  • Contact
  • Shortcodes
  • Options
  • Webhooks

Overview: Here it will show all form submission data. You can view the last 100 last submission data and export them.

Contact: To View and export data by contact form.

Shortcodes: You can generate shortcodes and export the data.

Options: There are lots of options available to change the parameter.

  • Integrations
  • Security
  • Saving
  • Export
  • Admin View
  • System

Webhook: It is for add slack webhook URL.


Contact Form 7 Database by Ninja Team:

This contact form 7 addon is simple and easy to use. This addon has more than 10k active downloads and the WordPress version 3.5 is required to install.


  • This plugin saves contact form submitted data in a database.
  • Easily change the tag name.
  • Drag and Drop column shorting.
  • Disable or Enable columns.
  • Export all data to the CSV file.
  • Export Any column data to the CSV file.
  • Display each form submitted data.

cf7 database by ninja team

A menu name database will appear inside the contact form 7 menu area after installing the database addon. You can view the submitted data from there and a settings option available to change the table.


Database for cf7:

Database for cf7 is another simple addon and it is very easy to save the information submitted in the form. It is required 4.6 WordPress version to install and already has 2k active installation.

After installing the plugin it will create a menu under the contact menu on the WordPress dashboard area with the name of the database.


Finally, A database for contact form 7 will help you to store all submitted data. You can manage all the email list from one place and you do not need to find it from your mail. Also, you can create a mail list easily by using this addon.


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