Contact form 7 email validation in few steps

Contact form 7 email validation is an extension for contact form to validate the email id. This plugin allows Contact Form 7 operators to authenticate their client’s Email address before accepting their messages for sending. To use this plugin, you have to sign up for a free API at It’s one of the easiest plugins to set up.

Key features of this plugin:  There are some key features of this plugin. These are-

  1. This plugin supports e-mail validation
  2. Also supports free e-mail validation
  3. This plugin enables its user to block other users. For that, the blocked users are not able to send messages in validation in case of message sending is failed.
  4. This plugin is used to add DNS validation.
  5. This plugin moderates the problem by verifying the name after the @ symbol of an active domain.

Requirements for this plugin:

  1. A mailbox validator API key
  2. Contact form

Process of contact form 7 email validation:   Few steps have to follow for contact form 7 email validation.

At first, you have to upload plugin files to the contact form 7 email validation.

Then check the directory. If this plugin is not installed previously then you have to install the plugin directly through the WordPress Plugins Screen.

After that, you have to activate the plugin in WordPress.

Contact form 7 email validation through DNS verification: Contact form 7 has some validation it makes sure the email syntax is cracked. So you have to check sure email address is associated with a real domain name. And in that case, the DNS verification plugin will help. Again, if you receive a lot of spam through your contact forms this DNS verification will definitely work for that.

At first, an email address has to be valid syntax. Adding a valid character before and after @ symbol. Also, an upper-level domain like (.com, .org or .net) is required to add.

After these things are done properly then contact form 7 will permit an e-mail sending.  And contact form 7 (WPCF7) will allow it till the syntax is the correct form.

This plugin efforts to moderate the problem by verifying the name after the @ symbol active domain. When this step will be done, the spammer will reduce.

But again there is a chance to creating fake email id. So for that DNS verification have to do. Then install the plugin by logging in to WordPress dashboard then click “ADD NEW”. Then on the next page, you have to type “Contact form 7 e-mail validation” in the search bar. Then by clicking “Install Now” and “Activate” this plugin will be installed.

Now, this plugin will be activated automatically on Contact Form 7 forms.

For some user Contact form, 7 mail from filed has syntax errors.  For that, at first, you should have an email address where the form is including the website of the domain. The proper set up is done by tagging your name in the “From” section. Here you have to match the name of email-tag to those collected same tags on the form. This is monitored by the email which is associated with your domain.

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