How to Integrate contact form 7 PayPal payment gateway

Contact form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin and usually, it is used to create a contact form, but in an easy way, you can integrate Contact Form 7 PayPal. If you want to collect payments or some kind of fees through your website and create a form then you can do it using the contact form. It will help you to collect payments from your site.

However, there are two payment options available, One is Paypal and another one is Stripe. For the PayPal payments, you will need your PayPal email id or merchant id and for the stripe payments, need a stripe API key. Also possible to create multiple forms.

Contact Form 7 PayPal Integration Plugin:

Now contact form 7 has been installed and we need to add a plugin name is Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on. With the same process, you can install this Plugin and activate it. Go to add new plugin section from the WordPress dashboard and write contact form 7 PayPal and stripe on the search box. After installing the plugin you need to activate it. A new item will be added under the contact form 7 menu that is PayPal and Stripe settings.

Contact form 7 PayPal & Stripe Features:

  • Link contact form 7 items.
  • After successful payment, it sends a confirmation mail.
  • Payment collection from site.
  • Tax and shipping charge.
  • A separate account for PayPal and Stripe.
  • Redirection skip option.
  • Support 20 languages.
  • Support 25 currencies.
  • Option to test PayPal connection with sandbox.
  • Able to add items name/description, price, SKU/ID each contact from.
  • Option to choose to cancel and successful payment URL

How the plugin works:

It is a great plugin to integrate contact form 7 with PayPal. After connecting with the contact form when a user clicks on the submit button of the form, it will send an email first to the site admin and then the page will redirect to PayPal. The same thing will happen for the stripe payment. For both of the payment integration, you will need to have an account on PayPal and stripe. You can use the only PayPal or only stripe, both PayPal and stripe if you want with this plugin. You can also create separate forms as per your requirements.

Getting Started:

After clicking the PayPal and stripe settings you will get some options for this plugin. It has six tabs which are below

Getting Started: In this tab, you will get some instructions and note about it.

Language & Currency: From here you can choose your language and currency.

PayPal Account:

  • Live account
  • Sandbox account
  • Sandbox mode

In the PayPal tab, you will get some options and you will have to fill up the required field.

  • Live account: Here you have to put your valid PayPal email id or merchant id. You will get the merchant id from  Profile > My business info > Merchant account ID of your PayPal account.
  • Sandbox account: Sandbox is a PayPal account with fake money and you can test the connection by sending money. It is optional but you can use it to make sure your PayPal account is working properly.
  • Sandbox mode: If you select on sandbox mode will be activated and after selecting off it will be in live mode.

Stripe Account:

  • Live Publishable Key
  • Live Secret Key
  • Test Publishable Key
  • Test Secret Key
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Default Text
  • Card Number
  • Card Code (CSV)
  • Expiration (MM/YY)
  • Billing Zip / Postal Code
  • Pay
  • Status
  • Order
  • Payment Successful
  • Payment Failed
  • Processing Payment
  • Currency Symbol

To use stripe you need to add publishable key and secret key which will find from your stripe dashboard > developer> API key. Also, there is a test key option to check that it is working properly. It is important that the HTTPS certificate is required to use stripe.

Other Settings: Some redirection options are available here.

  • PayPal Cancel URL:
  • PayPal Return URL:
  • Stripe Return URL:
  • Redirect Method:

Now go to the contact menu from the left menu of the WordPress dashboard and you will found an option for PayPal and stripe


Check the enable PayPal on this form option and enable stripe on this form.

Gateway code: It is required to use both gateways at the same time. You need to add this code before the send button.

[select menu-333 “Pay with PayPal|paypal” “Pay with Stripe|stripe”]

And the menu-333 need to place in the gateway code box.

Email code is optional you can use it or leave it blank.

Item description: It is also optional but you can add your item short description.

Item Price: In Item price, you can add price without using the $ sign. This price will show when it will redirect.

Item ID/SKU: If you want you can use it or leave blank.


Now you are almost done with all setup. You can place the contact form 7 shortcode in the desired page. When someone fills the form and click the send button it will redirect to the payment page.


Final Words: Contact form 7 PayPal and Stripe add-on is a very helpful plugin for contact form 7 PayPal integration. Using this addon you can add contact form 7 payment gateway, which will help you to collect payments from your site in various purposes.


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