Contact form 7 redirect to another page after submission

Today we are going to talk about contact form 7 another plugin. This plugin is sometimes important and the option you will get with this plugin is not built in with the contact form 7. The plugin name is contact form 7 redirection.

If you want to send someone to any other page when they are sending a message through contact form 7 then you can use this addon. After activating the addon and added the link you want to redirect it will redirect to that page. This addon will not change the contact form 7 normal behavior.

Basic Information: This addon has 100000+ active installation and it is required 4.7.0 or higher WordPress version to install.


  • You can use any URL to redirect.
  • Able to use internal or external URL.
  • Open page in a new tab.
  • Pass all the fields from the form as URL query parameters.
  • Pass specific fields from the form as URL query parameters
  • Add redirection delay time
  • Add scripts to run after form sent successfully.

How to Use: To install this addon go to the add new plugin menu and write Contact Form 7 Redirection. It will appear to install. You will get the redirection setting from the contact > contact form. When you will select one of the contact form and click edit option then you can see the redirect settings.

From the choose page option, you can choose any page from your website or you can put any external URL in the below input box. Delay redirection is a new option. You can use it if you want someone to redirect after a certain time. It is using milliseconds. If you redirect after 5 seconds then type 5000 and it will redirect after 5 seconds.

There are might be several reasons to use contact form redirection method. Sometimes you need to redirect your visitors to some other page or thank you page when they send you a message through a contact form. Also, you can send them to an external page.


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