Contact form 7 salesforce integration

This plugin is an open source software that does form submission from contact form 7 and others contact form to salesforce when any other submits a form to your site.

Features of contact form 7 salesforce:

  • This plugin connects any contact form 7 to salesforce.
  • It’s safe and secured by Oauth 2.0.
  • If API access is disabled for salesforce account then you can use it as simple “web2lead”.
  • This plugin is required for sending contact form submissions to any CRM including Salesforce.
  • This is a free WordPress salesforce plugin

It’s premium version includes some extra features, such as-

  • provide customized salesforce fields
  • Extra separate phone number fields
  • 20+ premium add-ons
  • provide details info using phone lookup APIs
  • the form is submitted by an analytics and Geolocation visitor
  • by adding a contact leads to Salesforce campaign
  • Uploading an attachment to the “files “section can be done
  • E-mail lookup APIs are used for lead’s e-mail

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How to set up contact form 7 salesforce:

At first, you have to go “salesforce accounts. Here you have to add a new account.

Then have to go “salesforce feeds” to create a new feed.

Mapping is required for salesforce to contact form 7 fields. For mapping, any Salesforce object is selected. Then mapping from contact fields to salesforce have to do.  You can map infinite fields as there is no restriction on the number of fields.

After that, filtration of the contact form 7 entries or test the entries to salesforce have to do. It can be done in two ways. You can send all contact form 7 entries to salesforce or based on user input, you can filter contact form submission sent to Salesforce. Keep on mind that, send only those entries to salesforce which have a valid email address.

Then go to “Salesforce logs” to verify if the entry has properly sent to Salesforce or not.  For that, a detailed log of each contact form 7 submission has to view.  It’s the process to check whatever the submission has sent or not to salesforce. After checking this, you can easily resend any contact form submission to salesforce.

Then data have to send as salesforce object notes. This is done by sending one entry to many contact form fields as salesforce object notes. And you will be notified if anyone submits a form on your site.

By default, salesforce API access is enabled for Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer and Performance Edition.

But for authorizing salesforce API you need contact, group or professional edition.

Basic steps includes: Download contact form 7 salesforce plugin> install> activate>click on salesforce> login to salesforce accounts> salesforce feeds> create new feed> mapping of CF7.

Why this plugin is required? By using this plugin you can sort out contact form submission to any salesforce that’s not possible for any other popular contact forms.

This plugin allows referring any contact form submission from your WordPress site to salesforce.

It doesn’t require any special type coding skills where most of the plugin requires PHP. It can be executed within 5-10 minutes that’s not time-consuming like other plugins.


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