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This plugin connects your Contact Form 7 and the Google Spreadsheet. At the time a guest submits their information on their site through a form of Contact Form 7, in the hosting form, that information is included in the Google spreadsheet. This is a simple method to maintain the information reinforcement of your contact form 7.

The most effective method to use this add-on:

In the Google spreadsheet:

  • Log in to your Google account and visit the Google spreadsheet.
  • Make another sheet and name it.
  • Rename the tab where you need to capture the information.
  • On the Google Sheets tab, enter the names of the sections on line 1. The main segment should be “date” in the possibility that you should include the date. For each additional segment, duplicate glue mail labels from the structure of Contact Form 7 (for example, “your name”, “your email”, “your subject”, “your message”, etc.). Similarly, you can include the required mailing labels (for example, “your name”, “your email”).
  • Procedure to create the API key
  • Find the means of this URL to perform a task: Google programming interface key-Sheet /
  • Once the task is done, go to the Quotas tab, click on “Google sheet API” and then on Credentials.
  • Press Create Credentials
  • Select the OAuth customer ID
  • Select Other, give it a name and Save
  • You will get a pop-up window with the customer identification and the mystery of the client
  • Copy and paste the lines 13 and 14 (see above)
  • You must reconnect the module: go to Wp-Admin / Settings / Contact Form 7 to Spreadsheet / Press “Reconnect with Google Spreadsheet”

In the WordPress Admin:

  • Create or edit the structure of the Contact Form 7 from which you need to capture the information. Configure the structure as usual in the Form and Mail tabs, and so on. From that moment, go to the new tab “CF7 to Spreadsheet”.
  • In the “Contact Form 7 to Spreadsheet” tab, paste the name of the Google Spreadsheets sheet and the name of the tab in individual positions, and press “Save”.


You must give extremely cautious consideration to your appointment. This module will have quick results if the names and spelling are not coordinated between the Google spreadsheets and the configuration of the structure. In the same way, naming is not a delicate case.

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