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How to make a contact form 7 material design


Contact form 7 material design can be introduced to add a new form design. CF7 material design is an addon that can be used by adding Googles “Material design theme”. It applies the default material design colors through using…

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Contact form 7 signature addon to add E-Signature in form


When you are sending a message by using contact form 7 it is sending the only text. If you want to add signature in your message it is possible to add with the help of cf7 addon. Yes,…

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Contact form 7 redirect to another page after submission


Today we are going to talk about contact form 7 another plugin. This plugin is sometimes important and the option you will get with this plugin is not built in with the contact form 7. The plugin name…

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Contact form 7 Style addon


Contact form 7 is a very simple designed form. By default contact form input boxes and the button looks like themes design. But if you want to change the design using HTML and CSS. In this case, you…

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Contact form 7 Database addons


Contact form 7 is a widely used plug-in that is used for the contact form. Usually, there is no database option in the contact form plugin. If ever someone sends messages from the website, then we can know about…

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How to Integrate contact form 7 PayPal payment gateway


Contact form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin and usually, it is used to create a contact form, but in an easy way, you can integrate Contact Form 7 PayPal. If you want to collect payments or some…

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